Vanity | Cinema Trove

I do like to program in my spare time, these are some of my most successful programs.


This is my custom Discord bot that I created around October 2018. I have reworked the bot entirely several times since then, adding and removing features. Some of the features include the ability add sas to chat, run admin commands, play music, sync Mincraft chat to Discord, and most popular... login and play Minecraft! Currently with my limited time to work on the bot, while online, is very limited. I have been working on a way for the bot to be on several servers more easily and to still keep it custom for each server.

Art for Vanity was done by LessThanKona, check them out on Twitter

Cinema Trove

This is more of a private project due to the nature of the project but I have put enough time and encergy into it that I sould really talk about it. This project is an offline movie library that is generated from downloaded movies. Download, convert, add to library, then compile. And just like that you will have a likely better than Netflix experiance that does not need internet. The only limitation is that like emulators, no movies come with the software, and I can't tell you how to get them.