$50 USD - regular new VRM model commissions
$20 USD - large edits to VRM models (that I did)
$5 USD - minor edits to VRM models (that I did)

  • Prices are negotionable
  • Supplies are infinate
  • Free tutorials avaliable
  • Reference required
  • Prepay only
  • NSFW not allowed
  • No refunds
  • Textures may be outsourced


After a commission is posted as a completed order you may need to sign a legal aggreenemt by your software before use, the agreements specifies that the intended customer is the only suitable user for the model as long as the recipiant is not intending to commit inapproperate acts with the model, acts included but not limited to this category are as follows: illegal, sexual, extreame violence, hate speech, false advertizing, and any other acts that can be harmful to another's mental or physical well being. Models are non-transferable and are not intended for redistrobution, free or otherwise, however you may use the model character to make sellable merchendise; my models are acceptable for comercial use, and advertising. Users that are known for advertising my services frequently will be asked to become an ad-partner, this will offer discounts on models while I may use your produced content for ads.

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